#21 My Favorite Hobby

My Favorite Hobby

Good Morning 🙂 I have some nice things to show you all today.

First thing is this amazing lounger with a reading animation, it is from Lil’Bug, it is a part of a gacha called Books, you can find this gacha at the imagenarium event that started the 1st September. It comes with 8 Commons & 2 rares, im showing you the rare nr 2 in the picture.

The Dress i’m wearing in this picture is from Belle Epoque called Johanna, I choose the lavender dress because everything purple is just me, the texture is amazing and it comes with panties in same color. It is available at Fameshed there also started 1st September. The Shoes im wearing is from Breathe called Toyo Heels.

The hair is from Rama Salon, it is an amazing hair with beautiful textures, I show you the light brown version of the hair. It is also available at Fameshed.


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