#66 Love Curves

Today I want to show you guys a new blouse from Moz Design there will be available at Curves Event. This blouse is called Natalie & it comes with 8 beautiful & colorful sheer textures, you can wear it as it is or use a bra under it, I got a bit bold & decided to wear nothing under it. Curves event starts on April 3rd, its an event for all the curvy ladies in second life, so be sure to stop by the event to see all the amazing designers, Landmark coming soon. Okay now for the credits


Hᴀɪʀ ﹕ Tʀᴀᴍ ʟ₀₂₁₀ Hᴀɪʀ ﹣ Hᴜᴅ B
Sᴋɪɴ ﹕ Gᴏ﹠Sᴇᴇ Rᴏʙɪɴ ﹣ Cᴀᴛᴡᴀ Aᴘᴘʟɪᴇʀ ﹣ Dᴜsᴋʏ ﹙Mᴀʀᴄʜ Gʀᴏᴜᴘ Pʀᴏᴍᴏ Sᴋɪɴ﹚
Bʟᴏᴜsᴇ ﹕ Mᴏᴢ Dᴇsɪɢɴ Nᴀᴛᴀʟɪᴇ ﹣ Bᴇʟʟᴇᴢᴀ Fʀᴇʏᴀ ﹫Cᴜʀᴠᴇs Eᴠᴇɴᴛ
Lᴇɢɢɪɴs ﹕ Mᴏᴢ Dᴇsɪɢɴ Hɪɢʜ Wᴀɪsᴛ Lᴇɢɢɪɴs
Pᴏsᴇ ﹕ Iᴍɪᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Aɴɪᴋᴀ ﹣ ₄

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