#124 Summer Ending

Summer is coming to an end, we still got some time left, but here in Denmark it have started to rain already with some cold winds, so I got my coats ready & also my long sleeved tops. Luckily for sl you can run around in your summer clothes all year round lol August month also means Hair fair, I went there yesterday when it opened and got myself so many hairs that I almost went broke hahah In the picture i am wearing one of Pink Hustlers cute hairs.


Pink Hustler – 8249 – Blonde @Hair Fair

Tooty Fruity – Tori Jacket – Fatpack (Thankies ♥) @Spotlight Event

Gabriel – Lace Tank Top – White (Maitreya Only) @Kustom9

Moz Design – Sadie Frayed Denim Shorts – Fatpack (Thankies ♥) @Ebento

Pose & Location

Go&See – Fickle Bento Pose Pack

The Four Seasons

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